Your Questions Answered: “What Can I Work On At Home?”

The Studio

Written by Samantha Davis

So you want to improve your aerial training but you can’t be in the studio every day? FINE, fair enough. There are lots of ways to improve your aerial training at home with limited equipment.


Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

More ideas available in Aerial Conditioning class. Wink, wink 😉


…because your shoulders can’t get you upside down all by themselves.  They need help from the literal “core” of your body.


Start small and aim for consistency.  Carve out 5-10 minutes (2-4x/week) in your morning, evening, or afternoon break to light a fire in your belly.


During this time, you can perform an abs routine that you create OR you can take advantage of free workout Apps like “Nike Training Club,” “Seven – 7 Minute Workout,” and literally hundreds of others.


Straight Legs, Pointed Toes

You don’t need to get in the air to get your coach off your back about those micro-bent legs or floppy feet.  You just need a resistance band.

Upper Body, if you HAVE access to a pull-up bar


You’ve done the basic conditioning exercises in class and you’ve received the notes from your coach.  Apply them on your own bar at home or at the “muggle gym.”


Without a qualified aerial coach present, you are still free to practice your dead hang, shoulder shrugs, and knee tucks.  Be curious and meticulous and of course…hug in those dang ribs!


Upper Body, if you DON’T have access to a pull-up bar


Planks and Push-ups, friends.  Planks and Push-ups. (Psst…you’re working your core here, too!)

30 second plank holds (standard, right side, left side, supine)

5-10 push-ups (standards and triceps)


Again, start small and shoot for consistency. 2-4x/week.