Nora Stevens

Company Member

Nora Stevens, was born and raised in Kansas. She specializes in silks and aerial sling with a side of trapeze. Alongside her twin sister Cassie, she has done duo lyra as well. Her love for circus has only grown as time has gone on, especially the performance side of things. She has been in the Student Training Company for 4 years, performed in over 7 shows and countless gigs. All her aerial love manifests in her work as she helps students grow in their individual training and empowering students by meeting them at their personal level. She strives to create a creative, encouraging and loving environment for all students. Nora has taught at Kansas City Aerial Arts for just over a year and has started her Beginner Trapeze and Beginner Silks teacher training through Circus Arts Institute just this past spring.  She has also assisted in 2 circus summer camps in her time at KC Aerial Arts.

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