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Abbie Rooney

Company Member

Abbie is a movement artist, athlete and technique driven leader from the United States. From competitive gymnastics, to the University of Colorado School of Engineering, to an international circus career; Abbie is now an accomplished choreographer, aerialist, acrobat/dancer, and fire/prop manipulator. Currently, she is the Female Aerial Choreographer and Aerial Trainer for Carnival Cruises’ new Elite-class ships: Carnival Mardi Gras and Carnival Celebration. In collaboration with directors of On The Fly Productions, she develops and trains the casts of professional dancers to perform flying effects for five full-scale shows.

Abbie attended Frequent Flyers Productions (aerial dance) Professional Training, where she developed versatility and overall aerial technique (becoming a generalist on all aerial apparatuses) with an extra focus on trapeze. Since then, she has further specialized in aerial straps. Abbie also excels at several ground disciplines including handbalancing, dance, acrobatics, fire props and more. She is strong, versatile and flexible; with acts on nearly every aerial apparatus (aerial straps, tissue (aerial fabric), trapeze, lyra (hoop), rope and more). Her skills, experience and education position her to aid in the production of high quality, large-scale entertainment.

Abbie has been seen flying high on National television, in large arenas, big top circuses, corporate events, theatrical productions, festival performances, doing acting/stunt/character work, modeling etc. A few notable companies she has worked with include Carnival Cruises, On the Fly Productions, Meow Wolf, Cavalia Odysseo, T-Mobile, United Airlines, Quixotic Fusion, Fox Entertainment Group, Q Productions and more. 

Whilst growing in her professional career, Abbie has continued her academic education by engaging in world-class circus training and developing career skills that go beyond performing arts/entertainment. Abbie attended University of Colorado School of Engineering and obtained a degree in Community and Public Health from University of the People. In addition to being a certified trainer and yoga instructor, she is now pursuing a Masters degree/Dietician Certification and taking courses in Spanish and massage therapy. Not only is she a performer and choreographer on contracts of all sizes, she has coached years of team gymnastics and circus arts, self-studied in anatomy/physiology/nutrition/fitness and has integrated herself into a world-wide network of show/event production and more.

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