Kansas City Aerial Arts Studio Policies

Before attending a class at our studio, we require every participant to read and sign a liability release waiver. We have plenty of copies available at the studio, however, if you would like to read and sign the release before coming to the studio, a printable version can be downloaded here: 

Kansas City Aerial Arts Liability Release

Also available to download and view, our privacy policy: Privacy Policy

Open Gym Policies

  1. All apparatuses will be available during this time for current students who are registered in any KCAA Level 1 class (determined as of 8/20/18) or higher AND have instructor approval. Open gym is a time to work on perfecting moves, techniques, and poses learned during classes. This time can also be used to work on conditioning, endurance, flexibility or working on routines and choreography.
  2. While instructors will be available to spot students while working, NO NEW MATERIAL will be taught during Open Gym. We also ask that students DO NOT use Open Gym to teach others or work on skills that have not been directly taught to them in the their regular classes. We know it's fun to try to new things and learn new skills, but this is purely a safety precaution.
  3. Please be courteous to everyone working during Open Gym - space and equipment is somewhat limited and everyone has different things they are trying to work on so if you are taking a break please allow others to use the equipment while you rest.
  4. Be respectful and try not to distract students while they are working in the air.
  5. If you touch any apparatus, you must have a mat underneath you at all times. If there are no mats available for you to work with, please be patient and wait until another student is out of the air before moving mats under the point you would like to work from.
  6. Some Open Gym times overlap our regular class or private lesson times - those students will take precedent for use of the space in the event that there is limited access to an aerial point or ground space. Please be respectful if you are asked to move to allow these students to continue their lessons. 
  7. If you visiting us from another studio and are not a regular student at our studio, we ask that you meet with an instructor prior to Open Gym for a skill check and approval.

General Studio Policies

This is intended to be a safe and fun environment. This is our responsibility to you, but we also need your help too. The following policies or "rules" of sorts are in place to help make sure we can create the most fun and safe experience possible:

  1. Know your limits. It's fun to try crazy stuff, but form and physical capabilities are the most critical to success!

  2. Ask for help, spotting, or anything else from us. We will never get upset if you ask for safety help, or any help for that matter.

  3. Recognize signs of fatigue.

  4. Keep any negative comments about others to yourself. We don’t tolerate it at all. We are all trying to be our best here at Lucia and that’s that! We have a no tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or negativity towards others.  And we appreciate it greatly if family helps us with this too. Kids learn by example!

  5. No gum, food, or anything other than water on the floors, and especially not if you are on an apparatus.

  6. Avoid a sailor's mouth! Keep it clean. We all have slips, but do your best to use clean language.

  7. If you say “I can’t”, than you probably wont! So instead say “I’ll try!”

  8. Feel free to tell us if you don’t want to do something. We're not in the business of forcing you to do things you don’t want to do. We may try to convince you, but at the end of the day it's your class!

  9. Please don’t teach other students new moves or skills. This is 100% about safety and liability. If the person you are teaching a new skill to gets hurt or needs help its best if it’s on us, not you!

  10. Leave the space as close to the same as you found it as you can. This usually means helping stack up mats, take down extra equipment, put away yoga mats or other things you may have been using.

  11. It’s best to sign up for classes online. Students enrolled online get first priority in classes if we should fill up. We will do our best to get as many people in class that we safely and reasonably can, but online enrollees get priority.

  12. No street shoes on the dance floor. This is especially important in the winter since de-icing salts can damage the floors.

  13. Remove all jewelry (including wedding/engagement rings!) and accessories (including fitness trackers) before participating in class. Anything that can get caught on yourself, another person, or an apparatus is a danger to you, others, and the equipment. 

  14. We like all kinds of music and artistic expression around here. But we do have kiddos and little ones in the space, so please find music with clean lyrics for class or choreography.

  15. If you arrive 10 minutes late to a 1hr class or 15 minutes late to a 1.5hr class, we cannot permit you to join in (even if it is part of your session). Proper warm-up is essential for safe training and jumping in late becomes a distraction for class.