Trapeze 2: Winter Session Sunday Noon-1:30p

Trapeze 2: January 14th

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Trapeze 2: January 21st

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Trapeze 2: January 28th

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Trapeze 2: February 4th

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Trapeze 2: February 11th

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Trapeze 2: February 18th

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You must be approved by your instructor for Trapeze 2. If you need this credential, email us at

Explore the beauty and artistry of the trapeze while staying in place ? and relatively close to the ground. The static trapeze is a stationary bar used for a variety of seated, standing, balancing, and hanging poses. The spinning trapeze has a little swing to it, so the student uses their own body to create momentum for more dynamic skills. Students build strength and flexibility with each class through fun and challenging movements on the bar. These classes are structured so that each participant can enjoy maximum time in the air.

Ages: 12+
Pricing: $165 for 6 week class


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