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Sling 1: Summer Session 1 Monday 6p-7:30p

Sling 1: May 20th

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Sling 1: June 3rd

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Sling 1: June 10th

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Sling 1: June 17th

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Sling 1: June 24th

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You must be approved by your instructor for Sling 1. If you need this credential, email us at contact@kansascityaerialarts.com. Login | Register

Sling is an aerial apparatus made of aerial silks fabric, but rigged in a loop like a hammock. This supportive apparatus has the creative benefits of vertical apparatuses (like silks) and horizontal apparatuses (like trapezes and lyra). Working on the sling can help improve aerial confidence and reinspire creative flow. This class will go over proper techniques in spinning, inversions, and acrobatic positioning. Sling work also builds stamina aerialists need for staying up in the air for longer with the safety of a connected fabric apparatus.

Prerequisites include any current student in a level 1 class or higher.

Ages: 13+

Pricing: $138 for 5 week session.


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