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Lyra 1: Spring Session 2 Thursday 6p-7:30p

Lyra 1: April 11th

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Lyra 1: April 18th

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Lyra 1: May 2nd

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Lyra 1: May 9th

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Lyra 1: May 16th

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You must be approved by your instructor for Lyra 1. If you need this credential, email us at contact@kansascityaerialarts.com. Login | Register

Lyra, also called aerial hoop, is a fan favorite for those who love to make pretty shapes and spin. In this class, you will learn the foundational skills of this apparatus, including mounts, tricks inside and below the bar, and an introduction to spinning. Students will discover their center of gravity as they explore the basic building blocks of Lyra through shapes and sequences.

Ages: 9+

Pricing: $138 for 5 week class


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