Class Registration

Drop-in classes are still available for Absolute Beginner Aerial, Aerial Conditioning, Deep Stretch, Handstands, and advanced level aerial classes (pending approval and space availability). 

SPRING SESSION 1: January 7-February 17 (6 weeks)


Spring Session 1: 6 Weeks

$132 - Aerial/Acro classes
Beginner Aerial, Silks, Lyra, Trapeze, Straps, Partner Aerial, Sling, Kids Aerial, Partner Acrobatics, Handstands

$103 - Fitness/Stretch
Aerial Conditioning, Deep Stretch



Drop-ins are only allowed for specific classes or sections that have available space (and ALL prerequisites are met) OR during Break Weeks. Please check Zen Planner to register and confirm availability before coming to the studio.

$26 - Aerial/Acro class
ONLY AVAILABLE FOR: Drop-in Beginner Aerial, Silks 2/3, Lyra 2/3, Trapeze 2/3, Rope 2, Handstands, Partner Acro

$21 - Fitness class
ONLY AVAILABLE FOR: Aerial Conditioning and Deep Stretch

$16 - Open Gym & Dance
ONLY AVAILABLE FOR: Open Gym and Dance for Aerialists


8-Class Flex Pass

Flex Passes can only be used for classes that allow drop-ins and that are not already full. Flex Passes are not tied to session schedules and can be used during break weeks. Please check Zen Planner to register and confirm availability before coming to the studio. 

$185 - Aerial/Acro classes

$145 - Fitness classes

$108 - Open Gym & Dance

Class Tardy Policy

1 hr Class: If you show up more than 10 minutes late to class, you will not be allowed to join. 

1.5hr Class: If you show up more than 15 minutes late to class, you will not be allowed to join.

It is essential for safe training to have a proper warm-up before going in the air. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to class is also very distracting to both the coach and the rest of the class. If you are asked to leave your session class due to tardiness, talk or send an email to the studio manager to arrange a time for a make-up class (see make-up policy below). 

Class Make-Up Policy

If you miss a class during your session you will have an opportunity to make it up during the current session only (make-ups will not carry over into the following session), from the following options IF THERE IS SPACE IN THE CLASS SECTION:

  • The same class at the same level at a different time (if this option is feasible for your class AND there is an opening). For example: if you miss Silks 1 on Monday then you could go to the Silks 1 on Wednesday.

  • Beginning Aerial – Monday 6p, Monday 7p (ages 13+), Wednesday 6p, Wednesday 8p, Thursday 7:30p, Saturday 1p (ages 13+), Saturday 2p (ages 9-13), Sunday 12p

  • Aerial Conditioning – Tuesday 6p, Wednesday 7p, Saturday 11a, Sunday 11a

  • Deep Stretch - Monday 8p, Tuesday 6p, Saturday 12p, Sunday 12p

  • Handstands - Tuesday 7p, Thursday 7:00p

Contact the studio prior to joining class to confirm space availability if you need to makeup a class. Please let your coach know ahead of time if you know you will be missing class or if you need help finding an appropriate substitution.

Refund Policy

Drop-In class purchases may be refunded up to 24 hours before the class occurs.

Session purchases may be refunded up to 5 business days before the first class occurs.

Flex pass purchases are refundable until the first class has been used on the pass.

Private Instruction

Private Lessons are available by appointment every day at all times, subject to space availability.  Instruction is available in all disciplines offered at KCAA including: Trapeze, Lyra, Silks, Rope, Straps, Contortion, Flexibility, Handbalance, Partner Acrobatics, Conditioning, Act Development, and Partner Aerial. If there is a skill/discipline you are interested in that is not currently offered in a class setting, let us know and we will do our best to find a coach to help you (i.e. poi/spinning, juggling, stilt walking, cyr, etc).

Typical pricing is around $60 per hour for 1-on-1 lessons, though rates are set independently by each coach.  Please e-mail to schedule a time or request a quote.

Semi-Private Lessons of 2-3 students are also available. Please e-mail to request a quote and schedule a time.  Groups of 4 or more are considered a Private Party (see below).


Group Events & Parties

We love to do private parties of all kinds (especially birthdays, bachelorette, and team building events!). E-mail us at (this is the preferred method) or give us a call at 913-271-6918 for a personalized estimate, as prices will vary depending on the size of group you have. 

Note: we have maximized our studio to allow for the greatest amount of training space so we are not able to provide a private "party room" for gift exchange, snacks, etc. Photographs of all the fun are highly encouraged!