Ready to start your circus journey?

What class is right for you to get started?


Beginner Aerial (ages 13-99)
  •  If you’re age 13-99, taken few or no aerial classes at other facilities then this class is where you get started.
  • This class meets the same day and time for a 6 week session and is $140 for session/$23.33 per class.
  •  Most students can expect to take this class session at least twice before advancing to the next class.  This depends on your previous athletic life experiences.
  • Download our Beginner Aerialist’s Guide to Getting Started.


  • Want to try this class as a drop-in before signing for a full session?
    Sign up on our waitlist and we will contact you when we start monthly drop-in classes this summer.


Pre-Teen (ages 9-12)
  • If your child is age 9-12 then this is the class is where they get started.
  • This class meets the same day and time for a 6 week session and is $140 for session/$23.33 per class


Youth (ages 7-8)
  •  If your child is age 7-8 then this is the class is where they get started.
  • This class meets the same day and time for a 6 week session and is $140 for session/$23.33 per class.


  • You can contact Bridget at if you have had previous aerial experience and think you might be ready for starting at Kansas City Aerial Arts in a class above Beginner Aerial.
Deep Stretch IN THE STUDIO (ages 9-99)
  • If you are age 9-99 and want to work on your flexibility this is a class for you.
  • This class is also a nice place for people looking to get familiar with the studio outside of aerial classes.
  • This is also a good class if you have aspirations to become a contortionist and no experience.


ONLINE Classes (ages 9-99)
  • This is a good place for people ages 9-99 and who cannot come to the gym.
  • Check out the full list of classes including Deep Stretch, Handstands, Contortion and Active Flex.


Social Hour ONLINE (ages 9-99)
  • This is a good place for people ages 9-99 and who cannot come to the gym and want a place to socialize with their peers online.
  • This meeting is free to attend on Saturdays at Noon on Zoom.
  • A great place to talk about books you are reading or your new favorite podcast while you stretch with friends.


Private Lessons (ages 9-99)
  • If you would prefer to start with private lessons before coming to class you can contact Bridget at
  • This is also a good place for advanced students looking for more individual instruction.
  • Ground based lessons are also available online via Zoom.
Parties (ages 7-99)
  • If you want to have a private event for a group of 4-18 people you can contact Bridget at
  • These are one hour introductory aerial lessons.  No aerial experience is necessary.  Appropriate for ages 7-99.

If you have further questions please contact Bridget at or call the studio at 913-271-6918. We will return your voicemail with a call back.


Sign the Waiting List

Monthly Drop-In Beginner Aerial classes starting this summer.



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Do you offer scholarships?

Scholarships are available for students of color from CSAW>>

Where are you located?

Our studio is at 5001 117th St in Leawood, KS. We are part of Town Center Plaza in the bisecting street running between Bravo! and J. Crew (right next to the leasing office). Go to the Contact page to see our location on a map.

When should I start? Do you have enrollment deadlines or semesters?

Our class sessions usually run around 6 weeks long. Registration will typically open two weeks before the start of the session and will remain open through the first week of the session. We have a limited number of classes that will allow drop-in students, but the majority of our curriculum is built around a progressive completion of material from the previous week. If you are unable to jump into a session right away, let us know – we can direct you to the best place to get started with us!

What should I wear?

Comfortable, but close fitting clothing that will not restrict your range of movement (including inversions) is recommended for all apparatuses. Tights or yoga pants (no zippers or attachments please!) that cover the legs behind the knees are encouraged. For Silks, a shirt that covers the underarms is best for both comfort and safety. For men, a dance belt is highly recommended. For Trapeze and Lyra beginners, ankle footies are recommended. Jewelry (especially rings and long earrings) is not permitted during class. Please also make sure you trim your finger and toe nails for safety and to avoid snagging the fabric.

What do I need to do before class?

Please register online in our class schedule before coming to class. Most classes include a warm-up with some conditioning and stretching, but warming up on your own or stretching especially tight areas before and after class is encouraged. Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten something within 1-3 hours before coming to class.

Can I do this?

We will never turn anyone away who comes with a positive attitude and who is open to try. Coaches will be available to guide and spot you through each exercise. Modifications can be made to the curriculum for those who feel uncomfortable with the skills or activities during classes.

Are there physical requirements? Are there any physical exclusions?

We work with all ages and all ability levels, though safety is our biggest concern. We ask that students enrolled in regular classes be at least 13 years old. Please let the instructor know if you have any of the conditions or symptoms listed below (this is not an exhaustive list – please let us know of other serious health risks and conditions!). Modifications can be made so just because you have one of the conditions does not mean we will exclude you from class.

*Uncompensated congestive heart failure
*Carotid Artery stenosis
*Hiatal hernia or spinal instability
*Persons receiving anticoagulants or aspirin therapy
*High or low blood pressure
*History of stroke, or heart conditions of any kind
*Inner ear problems

Some issues, such as a recent concussion or spinal injury, will require a doctors note to be cleared for classes. Safety really is our biggest concern so letting the instructor know ahead of time will help her/him work with you to provide the most enjoyable experience.

My child has special needs. Do you have options for him/her?

Absolutely! Talk with an instructor prior to class so that necessary adjustments to class curriculum or structure can be made before you arrive. The more prepared we can be before class starts the more enjoyable an experience we can provide for you and your child.  You can contact Bridget at to get this conversation started.

My child is under 13. Are there options for him/her?

Of course! Since children under 13 require more hands on attention than we can offer in our group class setting, we have Youth and Pre-Teen-specific classes available during the late afternoons. That way, our coaches can work with your child one-on-one to minimize the risk of injury and guide him/her safely through aerial practice.

Do you offer Private Instruction?

We offer private instruction every day of the week to work with your schedule. We offer private lessons in Silks, Trapeze, Lyra, Contortion/Flexibility, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness and/or Conditioning, Act Creation, and Dance regularly, but if there is a specific apparatus or skill that you would like help with, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please contact Bridget at and we can help you find a coach to fit with whatever skills you would like to explore.
** NOTE: Private and semi-private instruction rates are set independently by each coach. We will quote the rate with you when confirming your lesson and coach.

What about parties or events?

We would love to host your next birthday party, bachelorette party, team building event, or other special event! Prices vary based on number of participants and length of event. On average, a one hour class runs $30-$35 per person. Give us a call for a personalized estimate, as prices can vary depending on the size of group you have and length of time requested. Please note, our studio is maximized to accommodate the greatest amount of space for training so at this time we are not able to offer a private party room, snacks, etc.  To book your party please contact Bridget at

I'd like to book Aerheart for an event. How should I go about doing that?

Great!  We have a wide variety of options and we love trying new stuff! Please send an email to OR call Daniel at (816) 721-5095

Studio Policies



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Studio Rules

Respect and kindness toward others.

  • Wait your turn.
  • Use language that is kind, supportive and courteous.  It’s difficult for anyone to try something new.  Try to encourage your classmates.
  • Play music and use language that is appropriate for children.
  • Emotional, mental and physical safety are our first concern.  If you notice something concerning, please inform your instructor. If you have concerns that need to be addressed beyond this please inform your instructor after class or contact studio management directly.
  • Please only share information if you know it to be true, relevant and necessary.

 If your actions are creating an environment that jeopardizes the safety of students in the class then the instructor will ask you to stop the behavior and if necessary leave class.


Respect the space and take care of the equipment.

  • Only water is allowed on the dance floor. Food and other drinks may be consumed on the concrete floor. 
  • Only socks or bare feet on the dance floor.
  • Remove all jewelry and accessories before participating in class. Anything that can get caught on yourself, another person, or an apparatus is a danger to you, others, and the equipment. (Ex: rings, fitness trackers, earrings, clothes with zippers, etc). If you have questions, ask your coach.
  • Return equipment you used at the end of class to where you found it.  If appropriate for the item please wipe it down.

 This will help us to keep equipment from getting damaged and keep the space clean.

 Your instructor will ask you to leave class if you do not comply.


 Prioritize your safety and the safety of others.

  • New skills may be attempted when supervised by your instructor and instructed to do so. 
  • Only teach skills to other students if you have been trained to instruct the skill and approved by our studio. 
  • If you feel you have signs of physical or mental fatigue such as headaches, shortness of breath, and extreme tiredness please inform your instructor.
  • Follow all directions given by your instructor.  This includes directions to curtail or limit your activity for the day.
  • Arrive on time to class. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with the skill you are being asked to please inform your instructor.  This includes how you are being asked to do the skill. (Ex: If you are not comfortable without a spot or the variation of the skill as you were directed to execute it.)

 This will help us keep you and the other students in class safe.

  If you’re more than 10 minutes late we will not allow you to participate in class.  If you do not follow instructors directions we may ask for you to leave class.

Covid-19 Policies

Before you come to the gym…

  • If you’re bringing your own equipment to the gym it should be cleared by Daniel first to meet studio standards.  You will also need to clean/disinfect your equipment before bringing it to the gym.
  • Parents should drop off their students at the door.  Only participants and coaches are allowed in the gym.

When you walk into the gym…

  • Please make sure your mask is on and fitted properly. We encourage you to wear a single layer of cloth or paper for ease in breathing.  Filters in masks are discouraged.
  • Put your items in a cubby.  You’ll find a cleaning station to wipe it down before and after you use it.
  • Please wash your hands.

After you’re done training…

  • Please wipe down your own mat after training.
  • Please wipe down and return any fitness props.
Open Gym Policies
  • Open Gym is for current students who are registered in any KC Aerial Arts Level 1 class or higher AND have instructor approval. Open gym is a time to work on perfecting moves, techniques, and poses learned during classes. This time can also be used to work on conditioning, endurance, flexibility or working on routines and choreography.


  • Open Gym is NOT the time to learn new material.  Students should definitely NOT attempt to teach themselves or other students. We know it’s fun to try to new things, but please save it for class.  This is a safety precaution!


  • Please be courteous to everyone working during Open Gym.  Share the space and equipment as needed.


  • Be respectful and try not to distract students while they are working in the air.


  • You must have a mat underneath you at all times BUT please do not move mats underneath an airborne studnet.


  • Open Gym times often overlap with regular classes or private lessons.  Please understand that these students get priority use of the space and equipment.


  • If you are NOT A REGULAR STUDENT with us, we ask that you contact us to meet with an instructor prior to Open Gym for a skill check and approval.
Liability Release

Before attending a class at our studio, we require every participant to read and sign a liability release waiver. You will sign this electronically when you register in Mindbody.

You can also view and sign it here. Kansas City Aerial Arts Liability Release