COVID-19 POLICY UPDATES for our First Phase for In the Gym Classes

Kansas City Aerial Arts has re-opened in a limited capacity as of Monday, June 29th. We care deeply about our community and its safety, therefore we wanted to wait to see how the phasing in of other local businesses affected the public health data before reopening our studio. In an attempt to balance the need for us to provide for our community members and the desire to not exacerbate the spread of COVID-19, we have decided to open the gym in a limited, phase-based capacity.

**Please understand that these policies are being reviewed on an ongoing basis and are subject to update at any time.**



COVID-19 POLICY UPDATES for our First Phase

Before you come to the gym…

  • Check that your Safety Partnership Agreement was filled out by you before you arrived.  We will send this Google Sheet to you the first time you schedule a lesson.  It will ask you if you have any symptoms and your potential exposure to Covid-19.  Your instructor will check it when you arrive.  
  • Please schedule your appointment in advance.  No drop-ins are allowed at the door. You should request your equipment reservation while scheduling. Students and staff should schedule their lesson with Daniel.
  • If you’re bringing your own equipment to the gym it should be cleared by Daniel first to meet studio standards.  You will also need to clean/disinfect your equipment before bringing it to the gym.
  • Parents should drop off their students at the door.  Only participants and coaches are allowed in the gym.  Parents are welcome to watch from the patio.
  • Please pay for your lesson online in advance.  Daniel can assist you with this.
  • Please accept our updated waiver in Mindbody.  We will notify you when this is available.
  • People should bring own yoga mat if needed for warmup.

When you walk into the gym

  • Please make sure your mask is on and fitted properly. We encourage you to wear a single layer of cloth or paper for ease in breathing.  Filters in masks are discouraged.  (You can take your mask off to drink water.  You can also go outside for a moment to take it off if you need a break.) If you feel distressed in the air please come down and remove your mask.
  • Put your items in a cubby.  You’ll find a cleaning station to wipe it down before and after you use it.
  • Please wash your hands.

While you’re training…

  • Please do not train skills that would require you to have a spotter.
  • Please do not share equipment with others.

After you’re done training.

  • Please wipe down your own mat after training.
  • Please wipe down and return any fitness props.

Things we are doing…

  • Silks will be washed after each use.
  • Ropes will be disinfected per use.
  • Trapeze and Lyra will be tracked through the smallest groups possible of students using them.
  • If someone becomes symptomatic in the studio we will ask them to leave.

Groups eligible to train in our first phase…

  • Students must be 12 and older.
  • Students must be capable of training without a spotter.
  • Students should be in Level 1 class or above.

Studio Credit..

All previously purchased classes and passes will be put on your Mindbody account as an Account Credit for the value you have remaining on that item.  We will do this on an individual basis with everyone when making their next purchase for in studio lessons.  You’re welcome to make inquiries about your available balance at


We will remain in our First Phase until August 2nd.  During this phase we will evaluate ways we can accommodate more students once we see more data across the country of the risk of transmission in circus studios and gyms.  Here are ways we would like to expand our offerings in the next phase…

  • Students Ages 9-11
  • Increasing the participant count per class/training session
  • Partner training (for established partners only)
  • Adding static points for Trapeze and Silks
  • Beginner Aerial students




We will continue to offer online classes moving forward.  Stretch, conditioning, contortion and handstands classes will continue to be offered online.  This is to limit your potential exposure to Covid-19 and keep gym space open for aerial training.

You can find the weekly schedule here: ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE






We initially only intended to offer independent training to students in our First Phase.  However we have heard students requests for receiving instruction while getting back into the gym.  We will offer only independent training and private lessons from June 29th – July 12th.  We are evaluating the possibility of starting some classes beginning July 13th.

Independent Training Sessions are currently $15 and charged per attendance in these first two weeks.

Please take this survey to help us with building a class schedule: CLASS SCHEDULE SURVEY

We appreciate your patience as we continue to assess the situation and slowly move into reopening. We value your commitment and dedication to our community and look forward to continuing to serve you as best we can. If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at Thank you once again for your support during these unprecedented times.