COVID-19 Policy Updates

Kansas City Aerial Arts has re-opened!

**Please understand that these policies are being reviewed on an ongoing basis and are subject to update at any time.*


Before you come to the gym…

  • If you’re bringing your own equipment to the gym it should be cleared by Daniel first to meet studio standards.  You will also need to clean/disinfect your equipment before bringing it to the gym.
  • Parents should drop off their students at the door.  Only participants and coaches are allowed in the gym.

When you walk into the gym…

  • Please make sure your mask is on and fitted properly. We encourage you to wear a single layer of cloth or paper for ease in breathing.  Filters in masks are discouraged.
  • Put your items in a cubby.  You’ll find a cleaning station to wipe it down before and after you use it.
  • Please wash your hands.

After you’re done training…

  • Please wipe down your own mat after training.
  • Please wipe down and return any fitness props.



We will continue to offer online classes moving forward.  Stretch, conditioning, contortion and handstands classes are available.

You can find the weekly schedule here: ONLINE CLASS SCHEDULE

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at