How to Take a Private Lesson

Private lessons can be a good alternative or addition to a weekly class. Accelerate your progress by having your coach’s undivided attention.  Take advantage of flexible scheduling if our class schedule doesn’t jive with your life or if you’re waiting for our next round of session classes.  Here’s how a private lesson works:


Book it.

E-mail to let us know your preferred apparatus and the days that work best for you. If you know your preferred coach, you can speak with them personally or request a lesson through the MindBody app. 

You know you’re official when you recieve your confirmation e-mail.


Prepare for it.

Come with a goal. “I want to graduate into the next level,” “I want to build an act,” “I want to polish the basics,” and “I want to check in after some time off” are all great goals.

If you’d like to spend the entire lesson in the air, arrive 10-15 minutes early to warm yourself up.

Warm-up essentials:

  • Get your heart pumping with light cardio – Jumping jacks, burpees, star jumps, etc.
  • Oil up your joints with circular motions – Neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, hips, ankles, etc.
  • Stretch your tight spots – Hips, hamstrings, forearms, shoulders, etc.


Get it!

This is when you get after it and give it your best in all the tasks and projects assigned by your coach.

Cool it Down.

Skip cool down and you can bet you’ll feel your shoulders tighten before you finish the drive home. Your coach will get specific but your general priorities here should be to:

  • Cool down your spine – cat cows, cat cow circles, spinal twists, pike stretch, etc.
  • Cool down your shoulders – arm circles, chest openers, stretches against a wall, etc.


Rinse and Repeat as Often as You’d Like. 🙂