How to Take a Private Lesson

The Studio

Written by Samantha Davis

Private Lessons are great for out-of-towners passing through or for students craving their instructor’s full and undivided attention.  Here’s how it works:



Book it.

Email or ask your coach in person about availability.  This is a good time to communicate a goal if you already have one (Ex. Graduate to a higher level class, Build an act, Improve upon something on your “trick wishlist,” etc.)

Look for your confirmation email.


Prepare for it.

Define a goal if you haven’t already.  “I want to get into Silks 1 next session,” is a perfectly perfect goal, but so is “I want to check in with my body after my time off.”

Arrive 15 minutes early to warm yourself up, assuming you’d like to get the most airtime for your buck. 

Warm-up essentials:

Light cardio for your heart – Ex. Jumping jacks, burpees, star jumps, etc.

Circular motions for your joints – Neck, shoulders, wrists, chest, hips, ankles

Stretches for your tight muscles – Hips, hamstrings, forearms, etc.

GET IT!  This is when you get after it and give your best in all the tasks assigned by your coach.

Cool it Down.

Skip cool down and you can bet you’ll feel your shoulders tighten before you finish the drive home. Priorities here:

Spine – Cat cows, Cat cow circles, Spinal twists, etc.

Shoulders – Arm circles, Shoulder openers, etc.


Repeat as Often as You’d Like. 🙂