How to Come Back to Us After an Aerial Hiatus

The Studio

Written by Samantha Davis

You took a long break from aerial arts? Tisk, Tisk…


KIDDING!!  Actually, we understand that Life things come up like school, work, vacations and children.  We support you in whatever you need and we’re here for you when you’re ready to come back..

First things first, you will stop beating yourself up about your hiatus.  You had a very valid Life thing, remember?



If you were working at a beginner’s level before your break then Beginning Aerial would be your best first step toward helping your body to remember its muscles.


If you were working at an intermediate-advanced level before your break and you believe that a Level 1, 2, or 3 class would be your more appropriate fit, email to schedule a 15-minute evaluation or a Private Lesson with an instructor.


If you still have questions, just call us and talk to a person!


Once you’re in class,

  • The hardest part of showing up is DUNZO!  *high five*
  • Have fun noticing that you made it back in class.
  • Research your body.  Do every exercise and skill as if for the first time. This is especially true for those coming back after injury or pregnancy.  Your body simply ISN’T the same as it was before but it IS beautiful and capable of excelling in aerial arts.
  • Be open to surprising yourself with “aha” memory moments.
  • Love yourself for everything your body CAN still do, everything it WILL be able to do again, and everything it still doesn’t KNOW it can do! 😉

After your first class back, welcome that delicious soreness that you will feel for a couple of days.  Then come back to class the next week and tell us all about it!