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Stealing Fire explores the Greek mythology of Prometheus through aerial and acrobatic arts. It follows Prometheus as she battles titans, creates mankind, and, of course, steals fire from the gods. Other well known legends populate the show, such as Atlas, Hercules, and Pandora as their stories weave together around the protagonist through dynamic aerial dance.

Aside from the obvious addition of aerial silks and trapezes, Stealing Fire modernizes the well-known Greek mythology by ignoring traditional genders. The leading character, Prometheus, is now female along with her sister Epimetheus, while Athena is now the god of wisdom and military victory. Furthermore, Stealing Fire dares to humanize the immortal, as evident in pieces such as “The Weight of the World” where Atlas struggles to accept her entrapment and “Prometheus & Io” where two victims of Zeus’s anger find solace in an exchange of mournful tales. Hercules is arrogant, Hope is fearful, Prometheus is sympathetic. The story outline is the same, but the characters are more complex.

Stealing Fire promises to leave its audience thunderstruck and ablaze with excitement.

Tickets are available at the Union Station Box Office.

Tickets are $20 for advanced general admission, $25 for at-the-door general admission and $10 for children 7 & under.

Earlier Event: May 12
Later Event: June 10
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