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Straps Workshop #2 w/ Guest Artist BJ Erdmann

The goal of this workshop will be to further each individuals understanding and application of proper straps technique, based on the skills they are currently performing and developing. It will include a warm up for the shoulders, back, arms and core to prepare the body for the physical trials of training aerial straps technique. Conditioning for the shoulders, chest, back and core to strengthen and awaken the necessary muscles to achieve full muscular control through all movements. Clear and specific practice of proper straps technique aimed at finding the efficiency of movement that is necessary for an artist's body to perform advanced aerial choreography, while keeping the body healthy, safe and strong. Specific stretches geared towards the bodily demands of an aerial straps artist. Additional techniques to properly keep the body safe and healthy when training to become a professional aerialist in any discipline.

Class level will be based on each individual’s own personal skill level.

$80.00 per person
Class size is limited to 6 students