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Straps Conditioning & Technique with Danny Eaux

Straps Conditioning & Technique with Danny Eaux
Prehab/Injury Prevention will definitely be the focus of the workshop in the beginning. Then, students will be introduced to the full conditioning sequence/warm-up from Montreal, CA. This conditioning sequence is structured to make fundamental shapes and skills automatic and serve as a warm-up once students have progressed in strength and skill. Students will be introduced to the Meat Hook, Reverse Meat Hook/Side Planche, Front and Back Planche (Lever), and Forward Position. Students will explore tricks from Forward Support, Split Balances, Roll-Ups, and Spinning Skills. Other skills and progressions to safely train one-arm skills will be taught based on student skill level. At the end of the workshop, students will be left with the knowledge of how to train and condition safely through spotting technique and progressive exercises.

-Previous aerial training
-Ability to invert multiple times

$60 per person - Workshop is limited to 8

Danny Eaux
Danny began the journey to become a circus artist in October 2014, on a dare to prepare and preform a routine for Miraas Circus Arts Student Showcase. The showcase was 30 days away, but no problem - challenge accepted! Danny trained every day and pulled it off! Since then, Danny's focus has shifted to become a better Straps artist, Rope artist, and is now exploring handstands and hand-balancing. Danny has had primary coaching from artist Lisa Natoli on Rope, and internationally-known acrobat and artist Carlos Franca on Straps. Danny has also had the privilege of working with: Daniel Sullivan, Jerome Schwab, Jeffrey Little, Uys Du Buisson, David Issac Grey, and the Rope Master - Emiliano Ron.

Currently, Danny is an instructor at Mirass Circus Arts in Denver, Colorado, with plans to relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada to further training with Carlos Franca.