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Aerial Straps 4-wk Workshop with BJ Erdmann


Aerial Straps 4-wk Workshop with BJ Erdmann

This workshop is intended for any and all student levels that have never been consistently trained in the technique of aerial straps. It will focus on introducing the student to the technical, physical and mental demands of this discipline. The class will begin with a comprehensive warm-up that can be applied across all aerial disciplines and then move into beginner level concepts, movements and positions that lay the groundwork for a solid and safe technical progression. A few simple examples being: 

-The proper shoulder positioning when pressing, pulling, or rotating

-Placement of the ribcage in a front or back flag (meat hook). 

-Lengthening and rotating in order to achieve optimal body efficiency

-Conditioning exercises to build body awareness and strength 

-The use of counterbalance to decrease physical taxation

-Laying out the basics of a healthy training session

Workshop Groups are forming now: we are breaking out this workshop into groups with a maximum of 3 students per group. Placement in a group will be determined by current skill level and schedule availability. Each of the four classes during this session will last 1.5 hours.

Cost: $180

If interested please send an email to by SATURDAY, May 23 with the following information:
1. Name
2. Relevant aerial experience (previous straps experience is not necessary)
3. Days and Times that you are NOT available (please include time it would take you to get to/from the studio).
4. Preference of day and/or time - we will do our best to try to accommodate, but cannot guarantee we will be able to make preferences work for everyone. 

For those interested in further pursuing Aerial Straps or who are not able to commit to the full 4-week session, private lessons are available upon request.