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Aerial Conditioning: Straps Edition

Aerial Conditioning: Straps Edition

This hour has been curated to provide a full body workout using a mix of floor exercises and conditioning exercises on straps. Formatted similarly to a Tabatta style circuit training, you will work through three rounds of 8 exercises all targeted at making movement in the air easier and more efficient. While the class uses straps as the primary apparatus for the workout, the exercises used here will translate to all other aerial work. Come prepared to sweat!

Pre-requisites: Previous straps work is not necessary and most of the exercises are scalable, but having a solid meathook and the ability to hold a hollow body position for at least 30 seconds will be very helpful. If you have not done straps before, please come a few minutes early so wrapping and body position on the straps can be explained.

Limit: 8
Length: 1.25hr
Cost: $20