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Flexibility and Balance with Danielle Butler


Flexibility: Where Bendiness and Balance meet

This all level workshop will give you a good stretch and give you techniques for efficient and safe ways to increase your flexibility and balance.  We will play with fun ways to use your growing range of motion- paths in and out of classic poses, Y-scales, elbow and handstands and the strength training that goes along with achieving these skills. 

Cost: $35


Danielle Isadora Butler is a vertical story teller.  She is a performer, teacher and circus theorist.  She discovered this in 2008 when her passion for creating surreal art, movement and stories converged in circus.  Since then Danielle has bent her body and will to the study of aerials, hand balancing, partner acrobatics, physical theater and dance.  As an accomplished aerialist Danielle combines brutish strength, seamless transitions and unique choreography in the creation of her solo tissue, rope, lyra and ladder acts.   Danielle is an avid collaborator, lending her body and brain to dance, circus and photography projects, including Christine Germaine's The Cloud Factory, Willy Woggle Circus, The Vespertine Circus and Ceilo Vertical Arts.  She teaches kids and adults in the San Francisco Bay area and gives workshops across the country.