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Fabric/Rope Technique Workshop

Lucia Aerial Performing Arts is proud to host Guest Artist and Cirque performer Ann Stimmel (stage name Charlie Faraday)l to lead a series of workshops in November and December. 

Description: This workshop explores fine details of body position, body orientation, momentum, strength efficiency, and counterbalance. In it several common tissu skills and concepts are dissected to study the universal pitfalls most students face and provide practical means of eliminating them and improving overall facility on the apparatus. 
Apparatus: Fabric/Rope
Skill Prerequisite: Ability to climb to the middle of the fabric, ability to invert
Length: 2 hours
Cost: $60
Required Materials: (none)
Optional Materials: Phone/other video recording device

Charlie Faraday (Ann Stimmel) is an award-winning circus performer from Des Moines, Iowa. She is a current member of the Cirque du Soleil casting database and won Best Artistic Performance at the 2012 Denver Aerial Acrobatic Arts Festival. Her specialties are fabric, an innovative chains apparatus, lyra, and doubles work on both fabric and lyra. She is the founder and owner of Darker Marker Productions, located in Des Moines Iowa, which hosts the annual Tall Corn Circus Festival every spring. Charlie loves the in-depth study of the mechanics of movement and draws on her college work in chemistry and music to guide her students as they become great performers as well as great technicians. In her acts, Charlie explores the ugliness and negative emotions we try to hide from the world. Her aim is to simply to acknowledge them without judgement to foster honesty, connection, and support in our sometimes emotionally repressed world.

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