Kansas City Aerial Arts recognizes that structural racism has harmed members of the Black community throughout the history of our country and continues to do so. We support the public reforms called for by local Black civil rights organizations and their allies. 

We also wish to make a positive impact on the Black community in our world of circus.

We will make a monthly donation of $100 to CSAW (Circus Students Around the World) Microgrants.  This program makes grants available for circus artists of color to pay for circus education or other circus pursuits. We appreciate that this program’s selection committee is composed entirely of people of color.

In an effort to have an impact directly within our studio, Kansas City Aerial Arts will support anti-racist education for its staff.  Resources are currently being collected and will be provided as a community resource when implemented.

We would also like to encourage our community to share resources being made available by American Circus Educators about “Race and Circus”.  They offer resources for institutions, educators and individuals to gain perspective from people of color about racism in circus. 

If you are looking for ways to help us shape the conversation or give support to anti racist efforts at Kansas City Aerial Arts, please come to our next online monthly meeting.  The next meeting will be Saturday September 5th at 1:15p.  You can register in Mindbody here: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=704309&stype=-108&sTG=46&sView=week&sLoc=0 or e-mail daniel@kansascityaerialarts.com.

In the next meeting we will have a moderated discussion on the YouTube video I Called Out Racism in Circus and Here’s What Happened *I’m SHOCKED*”.  After the discussion, new agenda items may be proposed by participants and we will review our current efforts.

We see and value all the work being done to further the cause of racial equity for the Black community.  With the above-stated efforts, we hope to contribute to your critically important cause. We welcome feedback and suggestions to further promote representation, integration, and equity in our business, the circus community, and beyond.