Competition Team

 The Competition Team is a great program for students who want to focus on refining their technique. With 5 workshops, close instructor supervision, and two competition opportunities, each aerialist will learn how to excel and execute their routine in front of a panel of internationally renowned judges.

Excellent Coaching

Coach Evanya

Evanya is an award-winning aerialist and excellent competition coach. Under her guidance, you will soar!


Competitive Dancer
Competitive Gymnast
USA Collegiate Cheerleading Nationals 1st Place 2020
Aerialympics Advanced Aerial Silks 1st Place 2022
Petite USA Runway 1st Runner Up 2023

Program Values

To build a community and culture of artistry, safety, and excellence, where
athletes can thrive in aerial arts as a sport and develop their execution and ambition.

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