Aerial and Acrobatic Classes

We offer progression-based Session Classes for newbies and pre-professionals ages 7-99 because we believe that all ages and abilities can excel in the art of aerial.  Check out our Drop-In options to give it a try!


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Beginning Aerial

START HERE!! Learn fundamental skills on aerial silks (fabric) and trapeze. 

Price: $208.00


Students will expand upon their skills and begin to dive into silks-specific techniques.

Price: $208.00 | Drop In: $26


Students will learn skills and conditioning while focusing on safety techniques.

Price: $208.00 | Drop In: $26


Students will learn the basis of ideal form, technique, and safety on the apparatus.

Price: $208.00 | Drop In: $26

Kid's Class

Students will gain a basic understanding of beginning level aerial and acrobatic arts.

Price: $208.00

Deep Stretch

Students develop controlled range of motion in the legs, hips, back, and shoulders.

Price: $162.00 | Drop In: $21

Aerial Conditioning

Aerial conditioning will push your cardio and strengths to their fullest capacity.

Price: $162.00 | Drop In: $21


Open for anyone looking to build muscle, endurance, and even flexibility.

Price: $208.00 | Drop In: $26


Build strength and body awareness for developing technical straps work.

Price: $208.00


Students will climb, lock invert, and use beats on the rope to set the groundwork.

Price: $185.00 | Drop In: $26

Dance for Aerialists

This class is dedicated to help aerialists move with confidence on the ground.

Price: $94.50 | Drop In: $17

Partner Aerial

Students will learn basic partner tricks on trapeze, lyra, and silks.

Price: $208.00

Open Gym

For students who wish to work on developing/practicing their skills they have learned

Price: $113  |  Drop In: $17