Get Circus Strong

(Ages 13+)

Get Circus Strong is a great place to start if you want to build some strength to begin your aerial journey.  This class is a complement to Beginner Aerial.

Classes are offered two days a week, 30 minutes in length.  A session is one day per week for six weeks.  This class is conveniently scheduled so you can come directly before Beginner Aerial.

Prefer to just get a taste of being in the studio? Sign-up for the Drop-In option.  The session sign up is recommended for the best opportunity to improve strength through repetition.

Want to improve faster?  Students tend to benefit from enrolling in classes two nights a week.  Better yet, we offer a multi-class discount that is automatically applied at checkout!

Spring Session 2: 4/1-5/19 (7 week session)
Summer Session 1: 5/20-6/30
Summer Session 2: 7/1-8/11

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