Class Progression

Course Progression Grid

Students begin by taking Beginner Aerial (Ages 13+) or Pre-teen (Ages 7-12) to learn foundational skills.

Students with previous experience from outside KC Aerial Arts can take an evaluation for placement in leveled classes (SilksLyraTrapezeRope and Sling).

Instructors in each class will provide criteria for advancement to the next one.  Instructors will conduct assessments in class for students to move up near the end of a session.

Ready to start your circus journey?

Session Classes

Beginner Aerial

  • Ages 13+
  • Taken few or no aerial classes at other facilities then this is the class where you get started.


  • If your child is age 7-12 then this is the class is where they get started.


  • If you have had previous aerial experience and think you might be ready to start at our studio in a class above Beginner Aerial.

Drop-In Classes

In the Gym

  • Take one class and see if learning circus is for you.

Train Online

  • Learn handstands, contortion and general flexibility skills from anywhere in the world.

Private Lessons

  • This is a good place for students who prefer to work one on one or advanced students looking for more individual instruction.