Aerial Arts Classes for Everyone: What to Expect in Your First Class

The Studio

Written by Samantha Davis

Aerial arts is not for “other people,” it is for ALL people and that includes YOU!

But, we understand that showing up for your first Beginning Aerial class can be intimidating, so here’s what to expect:

  • A friendly face at the front desk to get you checked in and cubbies for your shoes, jewelry, and bags
  • Group warm-up for 10 minutes.  Arguably the most important part of class and an excellent reason to arrive on time.
  • 50 remaining minutes split evenly between Aerial Silks and Aerial Trapeze
    • Expect to receive clear and qualified instruction from a passionate coach
    • Expect to discover muscles you’ve never used before
    • Expect to exercise your body AND your brain
  • At the end of class, your coach will assign a “cool down.”  Care about this.  Arguably just as important as warm-up.
  • Now that class is over, you are addicted to aerial.  Congratulations!

To-do after Beginning Aerial class:

  • Replenish your body with food and water.
  • Stretch your muscles that night and the next morning.  They will be sore.
  • Continue to drink lots of water the next day.
  • Also, salt baths are great!