Active Recovery for Performers in Circus Shows

by | May 30, 2022

 Many studios finishing up show season tend to see aerialists feeling exhausted walking into aerial class the week after. Here are some tips and tricks for every level of the acrobat to know for the next showcase, recital, gig, and performance to increase recovery and prevent fatigue.




1) Make Sleep a Priority

During performances, an aerialist or athlete’s head and body become exhausted, regardless of how long or short the performance season is. It takes a lot of effort to work on a piece for a long time and then show it to the community. The emotions of the entire process can take up energy. It’s critical to get enough sleep or take extra naps to speed up muscle recovery and leave the body feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the next endeavor.

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2) Eat for Clean Energy


Processed and preserved foods can temporarily fulfill hunger needs but the lack of nutrients inside of the calories can leave an aerialist feeling empty and depleted. Staying on the outer ring of a grocery store to pick up fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, enriched dairy products, et al can be a great hack at eating to perform.

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3) De-Stress Your Schedule

Space out the day with relaxing activities such as meditation, spending time with an animal and listening to chill music or podcasts, to keep the day’s schedule light and not stressful. Other activities include being outside, emotional rest during this time is just as important as physical rest.

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1) Seek Aid for Recovering Muscles

No matter how many acts an aerialist participates in, their adrenaline causes a natural body chemical, lactic acid, to collect within the muscles. This chemical irritates the muscles and can cause soreness which should only last a few days. It is important to find a balance between resting and keeping muscles moving, as being static for too long can prolong this soreness. Physical therapy can be a great additive to the muscle recovery cycle to prevent injury when working through soreness.

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 2) Skincare After a Circus Performance

Makeup getting reapplied and removed in such a hurry can cause blemishes and skin irritation. Not to mention the stress and emotions of performances in general. During the show, make sure to never wipe the sweat away with bare hands. Instead, find a clean face towel or blotting paper and dab the sweat away. After the show, double cleanse with a gentle facial cleanser and replenish your skin’s barrier with a hydrating moisturizer.

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3) Take a Break!


It’s critical to get enough rest to speed up muscle recovery and leave the body feeling rejuvenated for reduced bodily stress and clearer thinking. Prioritizing mental and emotional health in a world where the constant “grind” is promoted and praised, is undervalued. After a nice break, an acrobat will have refreshed focus and a better ability to retain information in their aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, or contortion classes.

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