Studio Policies

Respect and kindness toward others.

  • Wait your turn.
  • Use language that is kind, supportive and courteous.  It’s difficult for anyone to try something new.  Try to encourage your classmates.
  • Play music and use language that is appropriate for children.
  • Emotional, mental and physical safety are our first concern.  If you notice something concerning, please inform your instructor. If you have concerns that need to be addressed beyond this please inform your instructor after class or contact studio management directly.
  • Please only share information if you know it to be true, relevant and necessary.

 If your actions are creating an environment that jeopardizes the safety of students in the class then the instructor will ask you to stop the behavior and if necessary leave class.

Respect the space and take care of the equipment.

  • Only water is allowed on the dance floor. Food and other drinks may be consumed on the concrete floor. 
  • Only socks or bare feet on the dance floor.
  • Remove all jewelry and accessories before participating in class. Anything that can get caught on yourself, another person, or an apparatus is a danger to you, others, and the equipment. (Ex: rings, fitness trackers, earrings, clothes with zippers, etc). If you have questions, ask your coach.
  • Return equipment you used at the end of class to where you found it.  If appropriate for the item please wipe it down.

 This will help us to keep equipment from getting damaged and keep the space clean.

 Your instructor will ask you to leave class if you do not comply.

 Prioritize your safety and the safety of others.

  • New skills may be attempted when supervised by your instructor and instructed to do so. 
  • Only teach skills to other students if you have been trained to instruct the skill and approved by our studio. 
  • If you feel you have signs of physical or mental fatigue such as headaches, shortness of breath, and extreme tiredness please inform your instructor.
  • Follow all directions given by your instructor.  This includes directions to curtail or limit your activity for the day.
  • Arrive on time to class. 
  • If you don’t feel comfortable with the skill you are being asked to please inform your instructor.  This includes how you are being asked to do the skill. (Ex: If you are not comfortable without a spot or the variation of the skill as you were directed to execute it.)

 This will help us keep you and the other students in class safe.

  If you’re more than 10 minutes late we will not allow you to participate in class.  If you do not follow instructors directions we may ask for you to leave class.

Open Gym Policies

  • Open Gym is for current students who are registered in any KC Aerial Arts Level 1 class or higher AND have instructor approval. Open gym is a time to work on perfecting moves, techniques, and poses learned during classes. This time can also be used to work on conditioning, endurance, flexibility or working on routines and choreography.
  • Open Gym is NOT the time to learn new material.  Students should definitely NOT attempt to teach themselves or other students. We know it’s fun to try to new things, but please save it for class.  This is a safety precaution!
  • Please be courteous to everyone working during Open Gym.  Share the space and equipment as needed.
  • Be respectful and try not to distract students while they are working in the air.
  • You must have a mat underneath you at all times BUT please do not move mats underneath an airborne student.
  • Open Gym times often overlap with regular classes or private lessons.  Please understand that these students get priority use of the space and equipment.
  • If you are NOT A REGULAR STUDENT with us, we ask that you contact us to meet with an instructor prior to Open Gym for a skill check and approval.

Liability Waiver

Before attending a class at our studio, we require every participant to read and sign a liability release waiver.

You can also view and sign it here: Kansas City Aerial Arts Liability Release

When you register for an account on our website you will fill out an electronic copy of this form.

You can see your record of your form under Account Details after log-in.

Covid-19 Policies

Before you come to the gym…

  • If you’re bringing your own equipment to the gym it should be cleared by Daniel first to meet studio standards.  You will also need to clean/disinfect your equipment before bringing it to the gym.
  • Parents should drop off their students at the door.  Only participants and coaches are allowed in the gym.

When you walk into the gym…

  • Please make sure your mask is on and fitted properly. We encourage you to wear a single layer of cloth or paper for ease in breathing.  Filters in masks are discouraged.
  • Put your items in a cubby.  You’ll find a cleaning station to wipe it down before and after you use it.
  • Please wash your hands.

After you’re done training…

  • Please wipe down your own mat after training.
  • Please wipe down and return any fitness props.
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