Littany Supka

TCo. Assistant Program Director, Coach

Littany began her aerial lifestyle on a whim in 2013 while living in San Francisco – in the spirit of making the most of the city, she began training flying and static trapeze as well as trampoline at the Circus Center. She had the good fortune to learn static trapeze essentials from the great Elena Panova and she has carried that dedication to correct form and technique with her and has helped her become the performer and coach she is today.

Additionally, Littany’s background includes training in competitive cheerleading and gymnastics during her youth, a BFA with a focus in textile design from the University of Michigan, years of coaching high school cheerleading and youth gymnastics, and many relocations and road trips across the country over the years. She moved to Kansas City in the Fall of 2015 and began her training on dance and static trapeze at Lucia in January of 2016. She auditioned for the Performance Company in January 2017 and has been a part of the Apprentice Program since the Summer of 2017. While her main love is trapeze, she also enjoys training hammock and lyra and working on duo acts.

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