Katie Williamson

Coach, Apprentice Company

Katie’s athletic career began at the young age of 5 when her family realized she was much more content doing cartwheels on the soccer field than actually playing. She trained as a high level gymnast for multiple years until eventually deciding to step away from the sport at eleven to explore other interests. A friend introduced her to aerial arts mere weeks after leaving and she was immediately hooked! As her training sessions gradually became longer and more frequent, she realized that she eventually wanted to make a career out of her new passion. Since then, Katie has taken as many steps as possible to help forward her skill to be ready to move on to the professional level. She is currently a high schooler attending online school so she can spend as much time in the gym as possible. In addition, she is a member of Le Petit Cirque, the KCAA apprentice company, and has done various international training sessions. Upon graduating high school, Katie hopes to attend École Nationale de Cirque in Montréal and eventually work for Cirque du Soleil. You can usually find her in the studio training dance trapeze, contortion, or handbalancing.