We believe that everyone should have the ability to access the joy of participating in circus at Kansas City Aerial Arts.

Whether you are a student or an audience member we want to do what we can provide you with the opportunity to have a meaningful experience with circus.

What we do.


We do everything we can to make sure your experience is the best, from consulting professional resources to create action plans to following industry guidelines.

What this looks like in action:


  • Additional instructors added to courses with participants who have neuro diverse circumstances.
  • Modification of class activity based on individuals physical abilities.
  • Special seating accommodations at performances.


What we would like from you.


If you or your child has a physical, mental or emotional circumstance that could be impede the ability to participate in class or viewing a perfomance please contact us via email at  We find much better results for you when we are aware of the situation.



More Information

Getting Started

Learn about how to get started training in the studio.


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