5 Reasons Aerial Classes are SO Much Better Than Your Normal Workout

We cannot go a day without getting hit with all of the options to get fit, active, or even “lose pounds.” Gyms have been around for a long time, but with the advent of new technology, there are even more options for getting fit at home. Either way, getting into the swing of working out can be tough. Busy lives, lack of motivation, and uninteresting options can be huge contributors in why people never start.  

For me personally, I didn’t enjoy traditional workout activities so it felt like I was wasting precious time doing something I hated.  No one wants that, but getting active is an important part of a healthy and happy lifestyle. So for those of you out there thinking, “I want to get active but I don’t want to just lift stuff or run in circles,” then aerial arts might be for you!


1. Success on Day One!  


Day one at the gym is rough.  You have to figure out where everything is, decide where to start, all while navigating the sometimes uninviting cultural environment.  And that’s not even considering the fact that you may not have learned how to properly use the equipment (and that’s the moment when you wish to yourself that you’d paid more attention in that class in high school).  


But in our aerial classes, you absolutely leave after day one feeling like you’ve accomplished something!  Our Beginning Aerial coaches guide you through every step so there is no second guessing if you’re doing the right thing.  And by the time you leave you’ve accomplished something new AND fun, all while getting a great workout.

2. Community & Friendships With Your Workout  


At home workout options are great because they can save time, and you can avoid awkward gym interactions.  But people are made to interact with other people, and the community and friendships you’ll build with the other people in your aerial classes can greatly enrich your life.  


The environment we’ve built at KC Aerial Arts is like nothing I’ve ever experienced anywhere else.  From the moment you walk in the door you are a part of our community; our wonderful, inclusive, and supportive community. The longer you stay with us, the more bonds you’ll create.  And you might even get some lifelong friends out of the deal.


3. Hard Work in Disguise


I was always the kid that stopped doing the thing the second my P.E. teacher turned their back.  I didn’t enjoy it, and so I didn’t really care if I got better at it. But if you enjoy what you’re doing, the hard work is forgotten.  So often I’m up in the air, doing this amazing and fun thing, and don’t even realize how hard I work until I’m sore at home. Why not try a workout that doesn’t feel like work?


4. Skill Building vs. Counting Reps  


More traditional workout goals primarily consist of MORE. More weight, more miles, more reps.  And while gaining strength is a component of aerial arts, it isn’t the only component.  In classes we also work on learning skills (or “tricks”), critical thinking of how best to tie those skills together, and discovering how to move our bodies in the most efficient way.  


We don’t get stronger for the sake of stronger, we get stronger so we can do harder, more complicated skills.  It’s sneaky…the next thing you know you’ll be doing planks in front of the TV just so you can get that hard skill next week in class!

5. Artistic Outlet  


There are so many ex-dancers, gymnasts, actors, singers, performers, and artists out in the world with no outlet for their creativity.  There are even more people out there who may have never done any of those things, and yet have a creativity inside them that has never had a chance to shine.  


But aerial arts is just that…ART.  


You come to class to learn skills and technique but then you get to create whatever speaks to you.  You get to make the creative choice to point your toes or flex your feet. And this type of expression can be so positive in your life…I know it has been in mine. 🙂