5 Reasons Aerheart, KC Cirque Company, is Perfect for Your Next Event

We understand that the entertainment you choose for your event can make or break the evening, and we don’t take that task lightly.

1. Novelty

Aerialists flying through the air is quite possibly something your guests have never seen before.  What a memory you could give them! Other events will struggle to compete with yours.


2. We Customize for YOU

We can tailor our performance to meet the needs of your event.  We can collaborate, create a custom show, or enhance the atmosphere while your guests mingle.

Struggling to understand what would be best for your event?  We can help you with that too!


3. Stress-Free Execution

Once it’s go time, we’ve got this!  We will manage ourselves independently and professionally, leaving you free to network with your guests. Our process ensures that your event will go off without a hitch from us.


4. Immersive

Providing an element that your guests can interact with can give your guests something to talk about, taking your event to a whole new level.  #besteventever

5. The “Gatsby Effect”

With KC Aerial Arts as your high-flying entertainment, you can combine mystery with glamour to create what I personally call the “Gatsby Effect.”  Just like the parties in Fitzgerald’s novel, your event could be the one people can’t stop talking about!


Learn more about what it would be like to have US perform at YOUR event by contacting us [HERE].  Daniel will be in touch to learn about how we can make your next event stand out for the rest.